Social Weavers

(Philetairus Socius)

A project of 3rd Space Lab Collective
Bangalore/San Francisco


The goal of the Social Weavers project is to break the divide between artists and craft artisans and in the process create a system to learn from each other’s strengths and knowledge, creating a pathway for the development of a new community centered sustainable design practice that supports individual expression, crafting histories and future livelihood.

Founded in 2012, 3rd Space Lab Collective is made up of artists from Bangalore, India and the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to establish new social pathways and global commons through collaborative experiences that engage our shared arts and cultural practices. Our collective group is founded on the basic social principles of 1) sharing domestic experiences to deepen our cultural understanding; 2) designing experiences that weave together our cultural identities; 3) promoting the practice of generosity and reciprocity by giving back to the communities where we are working; and 4) create new collaborative opportunities for participatory research, cultural exchanges and production 5) promote sustainable practices through smart design, production, materials and processes among our collective process, with our collaborators and the communities we would within.

As artists who work through social pathways, this site documents our process, thinking, production, collaborations and final artworks created through the Social Weavers project.

3rd Space Lab Collective

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